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Unlock unparalleled opportunities with a true Rate for Risk lender, an industry leader that values collaboration, efficiency and building relationships that foster mutual growth.

By partnering with an industry leader like Marsh Finance, you gain access to unparalleled opportunities and position yourself at the forefront of the automotive finance landscape.

Together, we’ll explore avenues that enable profit growth for both of us, making your goals our shared mission.

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Why Partner with Marsh Finance?

Over 50 Years of Experience

Marsh Finance has been a reputable and well-known lender for over five decades. Our expertise enables you to enhance your profit per deal with fixed commission rates.

Exclusive Non-Prime PCP Offerings

Being one of only two companies in the UK to offer Non-Prime PCP, we deliver unique value to your business, dovetailing seamlessly with manufacturers and prime lenders.

Marsh Valued Partnerships Service (MVP)

An industry-first initiative, MVP provides free consultancy, horizon scanning, risk assessments, and more, tailored to your needs. Click here to find out more.

Elevate Your Business with Marsh Finance: Experience Partnership

Success and Profit Growth

At Marsh, we’ve been driving success in the car finance industry for over 45 years. Our market-leading technology streamlines the financing process, putting our clients ahead of the curve. But technology is just part of the story.

We believe in building relationships that endure. Our vast experience enables us to understand your unique needs, providing tailored solutions that go beyond mere transactions.

Partner with Marsh, and leverage our innovative technology, deep industry connections, and commitment to excellence. Let’s shape the future of car finance together. Contact us today to explore a prosperous partnership.

Marsh Finance Customer &

Vehicle Eligibility

Eligibility criteria in car finance ensure that applicants meet specific financial and personal standards to qualify for a loan or lease. These guidelines are crucial in assessing risk and aligning the financing options with the borrower’s profile, promoting responsible lending and borrowing within the automotive industry.

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3 years UK address history

12 months employment history

Minimum borrowing age: 22 years

Full driving licence

Maximum mileage – 100,000 miles

Maximum vehicle age at the start of the agreement is 11 years (HP) or 7 years (PCP)

How Marsh Benefits You

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True Rate for Risk Lender

Marsh Finance’s Rate for Risk approach allows car finance intermediaries to offer tailored lending options, maximising profitability and enhancing competitiveness in the market. 

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Industry-Leading Technology

Leverage the power of open banking, eSign for seamless document handling, and full integration through our Partner Portal. Benefit from Direct Links via DealTrak and AutoConvert for a streamlined and efficient partnership experience.

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Maximise Profits With Us

Receive a fixed percent of the advance commission directly from us – no 3rd parties involved. This ensures more profit per deal, giving you greater control over your earnings and business growth.

Harness Your Potential

Meet the Team

Andy McMorine

Head of Field Sales

29 years of motor finance experience of which 23 years have been in leadership roles. I am an avid football fan, coach, and commentator, and advocate for all things mental health, work-life balance, and sustainability.

David Gray

National Business Development Manager

I have been in the motor industry for 14 years, holding business development roles at various organisations. Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family and friends, as well as watch my sons play football.

Gary Agar

National Broker Manager
37 years in Car sales and Motor Finance mainly in Development roles. Previous roles include Group F&I Manager, Sales Trainer and New Business Acquisition. Away from work I enjoy going for walks and gardening.

Jason Hanford

National Account Manager

25 years experience in motor finance. Working at Marsh since 2018. Outside of work, I like to keep healthy, mainly by running 10K's and cycling. I also play badminton for a local club in a local league.

Discover Success Stories: Insights and Triumphs Shared by Our

Valued Partners

“Would just like to comment on a job well done by the whole team at Marsh.

The customer service team there have always been second to none, proactive and helpful, but the new systems and processes have transformed Old Marsh into a New and exciting Marsh Finance, providing instant decisioning, easily available E-signs and removing all the old restrictive practices that made them difficult to deal with.

We at Hippo are looking forward to the continued progression and innovative solutions that they will bring going forward, which will in turn strengthen our partnership and grow both our businesses.

Well done guys.”

Mark Meah – Hippo Motor Group

Marsh have made some significant improvements over the last 12 months, the biggest of which is the new integration with AutoConvert which makes working with Marsh so easy.

One of the best things about Marsh is the way they will stand behind their decision and offer a justification where required, good or bad, however they’re always looking for a way to make a deal happen! Gary is always on hand and is always willing to go the extra mile to make things happen. Behind the scenes you can say the same about Sharon.

It’s true that decisions don’t always go the way you want but the lengths the team will go in order to make things happen as and where they can is second to none.

Rich Stubbs

Bright Car Finance Ltd

“We at Stoneacre have a very close working relationship with Marsh Finance at all levels and have held this since 2005 when we commence writing business with them. In January 2013 we launched Stoneacre Financial Services with Marsh, which has been an incredible “value add” to our business, and a unique offer available to us only from Marsh.

Marsh have recently been pivotal in assisting us analyse our Compliance policies to protect us from any regulatory risk and their Compliance team have proved to be experts in their field.

Running our own finance company with Marsh has helped Stoneacre sell more vehicles, grow our return on capital and increase our F&I profitability in the process, and as a result in Q2 2022 we will look to work closer with Marsh to grow their support across or retail finance volumes. Using Marsh’s fully automated customer journey alongside AutoConvert, will ensure that Stoneacre can offer a “first class” service to our near-prime customers”

David Teatum

Stoneacre Motor Group

“Marsh Finance are one of longest and trusted near prime Finance partners. Their ability to work with us on innovations and new concepts shows the value as a partner.

With Andrew and the team we have a strong partner who we have confidence can help us deliver outstanding customer experience to our mutual customers.”

Stephen Rowe
Vertu Motors

Valued Partners

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Partner FAQs

What types of car finance do you offer?

We are a near-prime consumer motor finance lender offering Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase products.

Are older vehicles eligible?

For PCP agreements, we consider vehicles up to 5 years old at the start of the agreement.

For HP agreements, we consider vehicles up to 10 years old with a maximum of 100k mileage at the start of the agreement.

Do you finance electric/hybrid vehicles?

We can’t finance fully electric vehicles, but we can finance hybrid vehicles.

How do you assess affordability?

Affordability is determined using automated income verification and expenditure (AIV) with Open Banking offered to customers who fail the automation when we need more information and detail to make the assessment.

Other methods will be considered for customers who need assistance.

How do I become a Marsh Finance partner?

1. Contact our account manager on 01706 751279

2. Discuss your requirements, rates and terms

3. Meet our Due Diligence requirements

4. Become a Marsh Partner!

Do you finance motorbikes or vans?

We do not finance motorbikes or three wheel vehicles.

We do not finance high powered vehicles considered in insurance group 41 or above AND/OR vehicles with engine capacity of 3 litres or greater.

This vehicle restriction list extends to Commercial Vehicles / Vans too. 

What are your offerings?

We offer 8 tiers of finance, ranging from £2,000 to £30,000 over 24 to 60 months, depending on the customers eligibility.

Which F&I platforms do you use?

We use both Dealtrak and Autoconvert to automate the customer journey to make the process as streamlined as possible.