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Discover how Marsh Finance is dedicated to providing exceptional support to our valued customers. Access resources, assistance, and solutions.

With nearly 50 years experience, Marsh has a wealth of experience in the car finance industry. Whatever your query, we are on hand to provide simple solutions quickly.

Understanding Car Finance Settlements

Managing your car finance shouldn’t be confusing. At Marsh Finance, we’ve steered customers through this journey for over five decades, and we’re here to simplify things for you. Understand car finance settlements and take control of your finance agreement.

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Cost of Living Support

In these tough times, many families are under financial pressure due to economic challenges and the ongoing conflict on the continent that’s driving up prices.

As a car finance company, we recognise the important role we play in our customers’ finances, and pride ourselves on our dedicated approach to supporting those in needs.

From flexible payment arrangements based on the specific case, to constant support from trained members of our team, visit our page to learn how we can support you.

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Refinancing Explained

Refinancing your car can offer a path to better financial flexibility. You can opt for a new car, secure a more affordable deal, or even finance a superior vehicle if you have positive equity in your current agreement.

Refinancing is a great option to take control of your finances and make a decision that suits you. Visit our dedicated refinancing page to learn more about how you can control your next finance agreement.

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Applying for Car Finance

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Applying for car finance with Marsh is easy. Simply complete our 30-second form and receive a decision without impacting your credit score. Click below to start your car finance journey.

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