Experts in Motor Finance Compliance

MVP is a tailor-made service that empowers car dealerships and brokers, helping you make sense of the ever-changing compliance landscape – while increasing sales and improving operational efficiencies across your business.

What MVP Offers

This FREE service is designed to help car dealerships and brokers with the ever-changing compliance landscape, enabling you to increase sales and improve operational efficiencies across your business. Our experts are always up to date on the latest changes and will work with you to ensure that your dealership not only remains compliant but also ensuring that you know what steps are required to achieve higher accreditation levels in future.


Policy Reviews

Our Risk & Compliance team will conduct a review of the necessary policies to ensure they meet the minimum baseline requirements of compliance. 

Financial Promotions

We’ll review your financial promotions on your online platforms to ensure they meet the baseline compliance requirements.

Risk Analysis & Assessment

We will conduct  thorough risk assessments across your operational departments to ensure you meet requirements.

Commercial Term Creation

After a KYC compliance review, you are placed on our standard terms to gain an insight into volume potential and efficiency figures.

Monitoring Regulatory Sandbox Forum

Reliant on MVP level, our  team are on hand as a sounding board for Compliance monitoring queries. 

Performance Reviews & Analysis

Performance reviews are carried out at least once per quarter to analyse all areas from volume support, efficiencies, book performance, etc.

Advisory Regulatory Sandbox Forum

Our team are on hand to help you to structure your monthly compliance reports and conduct effective regulatory surveillance.

Operational Efficiency Review

Operational efficiency will also be a consideration in each review to ensure the relationship performs for both parties in terms of minimising operational expenditure.

Horizon Scanning

For those firms that meet the necessary MVP accreditation, our Risk & Compliance team will copy you into our monthly regulatory surveillance report. This will highlight anything new and important in our industry that is coming down the track.

Joint Ventures

Dependent on the MVP level, we are open to discussions on any new joint ventures. Examples could be outsourcing services, new joint projects, charity-based events and training & development schemes.

Accreditation Levels


Our introductory level, bronze still provides fantastic services, such as financial promotions reviews and risk assessments. Progress from here to discover even greater benefits for your business.


Silver accreditation offers even more than bronze, where you can experience a wide range of MVP services, with a bespoke commercial team offered as part of silver. Our silver customers also receive a trophy to display.


Experience MVP’s benefits, from regulatory surveillance to advisory, regulatory sandbox forums. Our gold members receive all the services MVP offers, as well as a shiny gold trophy to display.

How Are We Different?

We’ve been in the industry for almost 50 years, so it’s no surprise that we know a thing or two about compliance and operational efficiencies. Our team knows how to make your company’s operations run smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business!

Our MVP is a free consultancy service, a sounding board for all your compliance and operational management needs from a team with significant experience in motor finance.

How Do I Become an MVP?

It’s never been easier to become an MVP.
Our experts are on-hand at every step of the way – contact us today to get started!


Call us on 01706 648882 or email:, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your personalised MVP journey.


Our Sales team will discuss your current business needs and conduct a review of your current operations to ensure you meet minimum requirements.

Tailored Service

We’ll create a bespoke action plan with achievable KPI measures, to help you on your journey to MVP accreditation. 


Become an mvp!

Our partnership commences! We’ll work with you to improve your compliance, and help you do what you do best – sell more cars.

What do we Expect From our MVPs?

Achieve key performance indicators set out by Marsh.

Strong sales performance and rigorous compliance procedures.

Uphold the integrity and positive relationship Marsh expects.

Our Award-Winning Team

Here at Marsh we believe in our staff and look to recognise their potential. Both individual and team awards recognise the expertise our staff possess which, as an MVP, you get access to!


“We at Stoneacre have a very close working relationship with Marsh Finance at all levels and have held this since 2005 when we commence writing business with them. In January 2013 we launched Stoneacre Financial Services with Marsh, which has been an incredible value add to  our business, and a unique offer available to us only from Marsh.

Marsh have recently been pivotal in assisting us analyse our Compliance policies to protect us from any regulatory risk and their Compliance team have proved to be experts in their field.

Running our own finance company with Marsh has helped Stoneacre sell more vehicles, grow our return on capital and increase our F&I profitability in the process, and as a result in Q2 2022 we will look to work closer with Marsh to grow their support across or retail finance volumes. Using Marsh’s fully automated customer journey alongside AutoConvert, will ensure that Stoneacre can offer a “first class” service to our near-prime customers.”


David Teatum
F&I Director
Stoneacre Motor Group


“As a broker in the Car Finance industry, it is important to us, when interacting with our affiliate lenders, that we maintain dialogue that is both informative, agile, and didactic. We want to highlight the excellent level of expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail we experienced during the review and how the entire exercise allowed us to align our business with theirs and to better understand our own competency. As a business that prides itself on ensuring that the consumer is always the priority, I can honestly say that the program Gary and Stephen have developed is arguably the most comprehensive risk review in the industry and sets a standard to which others should hold themselves. By attending this review, we feel we have better positioned ourselves to provide a safe, secure environment for the customer”

Jamie Oliver –
Head of Operations
Car Finance R Us Limited

“Our recent Due Diligence assessment conducted by Marsh highlighted some key areas where we could improve in order to comply with the FCA’s expectations. Overall, it was great to see that we had most things right but like any business there is always some room for improvement. Reviews such as these prevent complacency and ensure that we continue to better ourselves and keep up with ever changing regulation requirements. It is impressive how connected they stay in relation to helping resolve any shortcomings.

Lianna Akbar –
Compliance & Processes Manager
Hippo Motor Group



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