Marsh Finance is pleased to announce a new partnership with Car Credible that will offer increased opportunities to our customers during their loan period. As a customer, you can relax knowing Marsh Finance and Car Credible are here to support you in changing your finance agreement mid-term. All the hard work is done on our side, with you simply having to express interest, and the process begins. The partnership offers a market-leading, interactive solution for the customer, making the refinance process more transparent and precise.

Car Credible is a FinTech company specialising in car refinance, where you can either upgrade or downgrade your car depending on your circumstances. Partnering with a FinTech highlights Marsh Finance’s desire to modernise and optimise our offerings in a fast-changing car finance environment. The partnership, in line with our rebrand and new website, signifies an important step for Marsh Finance. We look to move towards a modern company that looks to employ forward-facing strategies with our customers at the heart of our processes.


What Car Credible does & how will this benefit Marsh Finance customers

Car Credible is a comprehensive digital tool that identifies the optimal time to sell, refinance and renew, allowing customers to get into a newer car or refinance into a better deal in the easiest possible way. Upon signing up to Car Credible, you will receive your personalised dashboard to track and monitor your finance deal over time, so you will always know the position you are in without the need to contact your lender to find it out yourself. When you are in a position to upgrade or downgrade, the Car Credible team will notify you, and you will have the option to express your interest in changing your finance deal. At this point, Marsh Finance comes in to help you through the process of getting into a better finance deal.

Once we have helped you get into a better deal, you will still have full access to your dashboard over at Car Credible, where you can keep track of your new deal until they notify you that you’re in a good position again in the future.

The incoming partnership between Marsh Finance and Car Credible is the first of its kind in the industry. We feel incredibly proud and excited about this partnership as we continue to develop our processes and offerings. This partnership is just the start of Marsh’s commitment to making the car finance process as easy as possible for our customers.


Questions Answered

What finance agreement do I need to have to be able to refinance my car?

Refinance is available to customers on both PCP and HP finance agreements. Marsh Finance offers both PCP and HP agreements to our customers.


When is the best time to refinance my car?

Every customer is different, and the right time to refinance will vary from customer to customer. However, it is better to wait at least a few months after your original loan affected your credit score and use the time to build up savings and start to pay off the existing loan before looking elsewhere.