Car Finance Settlements


Are You Looking to Settle Your Car Finance Early?

Managing your car finance shouldn’t be confusing. At Marsh Finance, we’ve steered customers through this journey for over five decades, and we’re here to simplify things for you.  

A settlement is essentially an offer to clear the remaining balance on your car finance in one lump sum. Think of it as a shortcut to owning your car outright, without the monthly twists and turns. Get in the driver’s seat of your financial journey, and let’s explore settlements together. 

How Do Car Finance Settlements Work?

Settlement Calculation

Think of this as your car journey’s GPS. Based on factors like the amount borrowed, interest rate, and duration left, we calculate the amount you’d pay to settle your loan early.  

Processing & Timeline

Much like how every road trip has a start and finish, settlements have their timelines too. Once you decide to settle, the payment needs to be processed within a set period. 

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Alternative Options: Refinancing

Instead of taking the full settlement path, refinancing lets you renegotiate the terms of your existing loan. It includes swapping your agreement for one that might offer lower monthly payments or the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your vehicle. Refinancing is all about recalibrating your journey to better match your financial landscape. 

Imagine cruising down a highway with fewer toll booths. Refinancing can potentially reduce your monthly financial stops, freeing up cash for other journeys in life. With refinancing, adjust the length of your loan or negotiate other terms to ensure your financial journey fits just right with your current life map. In the current cost-of-living crisis, refinancing can be a great option for easing financial burdens.

However, with refinancing, it is important to acknowledge the likelihood of higher interest rates as lenders look to offset risk. There’s also a chance of significant car depreciation due to the car loan being extended to ensure payments are made.

An infographic showing the benefits of refinancing.

How Refinancing Works

Submit Application

First things first, fill in those details. Fear not! This pit stop won’t leave any marks. Your credit score remains untouched and shiny as ever. A member of our team will contact you for further details.

Find Your Car

Choose your new car and provide the details to your chosen car finance provider.

Receive Your Quote

Receive a quote and the necessary documents digitally to review and sign.

Drive Away Happy

With all said and done, hit the accelerator! Whether it's continuing with your existing car, upgrading or downgrading your vehicle, you’re all good to go.

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Ready to Take Your Next Car Finance Steps?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to settle your agreement or refinance, Marsh is on hand to help you navigate your next steps. Simply fill in one of the below forms and take a major step in controlling your finances.

Car Finance Settlement FAQs

What is a car finance settlement figure?

A settlement figure is the amount you would have to pay to end your current car finance agreement early.

Should I settle my car finance early?

If you are in a position where you can afford to settle your car finance early, you could save significant amounts in interest that would be due across the loan period. However, if settling will place you in financial stress, or you’re in negative equity, we recommend putting off early settlement and instead look at possibly refinancing.

This is not financial advice, and so you should look to conduct your own research before making a decision. 

How do I get a settlement figure?

It is very easy to get a settlement figure. All you need to do is reach out to your car finance provider and request a settlement figure.

Can you negotiate a car finance settlement?

While we cannot provide financial advice, negotiating a car finance settlement is a possibility, although each lender will differ. We recommend reaching out to your lender to understand their settlement process before jumping into any negotiating. 

Representative Example

Rates from 14.9%

Representative example: borrowing £10,000 over 60 Months with a representative of 17.9% APR, an annual interest rate of 17.9% (fixed), and a deposit of £0.00, the amount payable would be 59 repayments of £255.42 per month, with one final repayment of £265.42 (which includes the option to purchase fee of £10.00), with a total cost of credit of £5,335.20 and a total amount payable of £15,335.20.

Marsh Finance Limited are a lender, not a broker.

This is for illustrative purposes only and is not a quote or an offer of finance.