Marsh Finance Announces Rob Harris as Non-Executive Director

Rochdale, UK – 17/04/2024 – Marsh Finance, a premier car finance lender headquartered in Rochdale, UK, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Rob Harris as a Non-Executive Director. This appointment marks a significant milestone for Marsh Finance, a company with a distinguished history of over 50 years in direct car finance lending and services to intermediaries such as car dealerships and finance brokers.

Rob Harris brings to Marsh Finance an enormous depth of expertise and experience in the asset finance sector, accumulated over a highly respected 35-year career. His tenure at ING Lease (JK) stands out; for 21 years, he led middle lending businesses, including the financial products structured asset finance lending, the block discounting division, and the legacy commercial mortgage lending business alongside the role of Treasurer of a near £3 billion portfolio. Following his impactful journey at ING, Rob was pivotal at the Bank of London and Middle East in building its Leasing and Wholesale funding businesses in London and Manchester. After a spell at Macquarie Asset & Leasing, his last bank role was to double Hampshire Trust Bank’s Wholesale business over two years.

Beyond his corporate roles, Rob has been an influential consultant, advising banks, intermediary lending and asset financing companies on business improvement, new product launches, funding, and treasury solutions. His consultancy work is recognised across the industry for its focus and specialism in these areas.

Rob’s decision to join Marsh Finance follows a fifteen-year working relationship with the directors. Over the last twelve months of close collaboration with the company, he has provided invaluable guidance to the board. His appointment as a Non-Executive Director is a testament to his commitment to leveraging his expertise for Marsh Finance’s growth and innovation.

Andrew Marsh, CEO of Marsh Finance, expressed his enthusiasm about Rob’s appointment, stating, “Rob’s vast experience and deep understanding of the asset finance industry make him an exceptional leader within our board. We are confident his guidance will propel Marsh Finance to new heights.”

Marsh Finance is poised for a future of expanded growth and innovation. The company looks forward to benefiting from Rob’s strategic insight and leadership as it continues to provide exceptional service to its customers and partners in the car finance sector.

Marsh Finance Ltd is a leading car finance lender with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Based in Rochdale, UK, the company offers direct car finance lending to the public and services to car finance intermediaries, including car dealerships and finance brokers. Marsh Finance is committed to providing accessible, reliable, and customer-focused financing solutions.