Manchester 19/04/2024 – Marsh Finance, a leading provider of car finance solutions, is thrilled to announce that their Compliance Director, Dan Simpson, has been named a finalist for the prestigious Business Leader of the Year award at this year’s Credit Strategy Car Finance Awards

Dan Simpson has distinguished himself as a leader who goes beyond conventional management to foster a thriving, collaborative workplace at Marsh Finance. His approach has catalysed over 4,000 financial promotions, driven by effective teamwork and cross-departmental collaboration. By dismantling traditional silos, Dan has enhanced operational efficiency and nurtured a unified company culture.

His commitment extends deeply into customer relations, where he has invested an additional 540 hours in customer engagement. This extraordinary dedication not only improves customer experiences but also translates into substantial financial savings, with customers benefiting from over £20,000 in savings due to his initiatives.

Simpson champions a compliance-first culture that does not compromise on creativity and innovation. His leadership ensures that Marsh Finance adheres to the highest standards while still fostering innovative solutions that meet evolving customer needs.

“A leader like Dan Simpson sets a high bar for the industry. His dedication to his team’s growth and his clear, effective communication with customers is foundational to the impressive results seen at Marsh Finance,” said Andrew Marsh, Chief Executive Officer at Marsh Finance.

Dan Simpson’s nomination as a finalist not only highlights his personal achievements but also underscores Marsh Finance’s role as a leader in the car finance sector. His strategies and leadership style serve as a benchmark for excellence within the industry.