We sat down with a recent work experience member to hear about their experience at Marsh Finance, and how this will influence her future career.

What is National Careers Week?

National Careers Week is an annual event held in the UK that focuses on empowering students and young people to explore different career options. The week-long event aims to raise awareness of the various career paths available to students, including apprenticeships, vocational training, and higher education. The upcoming National Careers Week will run from 6th – 11th March, in which students, educators and organisers will come together to work towards future opportunities for students. If you are unable to attend the National Careers Week, you can attend their virtual fair. Here, you can access all the resources you need from the comfort of your own home. For more information on National Careers Week, visit their website here.

Work Experience At Marsh

To understand the impact of this week on students, I spoke to Emily, a student who recently completed a work experience placement with Marsh Finance. Emily shared her experience with us and how National Careers Week helped her explore a potential career in marketing.

Emily is currently studying Maths, English Literature, and History at A-Level. When asked why she chose Marsh for work experience, Emily said that she was impressed by the company’s family-owned status, which made her feel more connected and engaged during her work experience. Additionally, marketing is not often taught in schools, so Emily saw this as an opportunity to learn more about the industry.

Emily’s Experience

Emily had an excellent experience with Marsh and found everyone to be welcoming and supportive. She had the opportunity to work in various areas of marketing, including social media, market research, email marketing and content creation. This allowed her to gain a better understanding of the different roles in a marketing team and how they interlink.

Emily found the experience invaluable in helping her decide on her future career path. She stated that she is now seriously considering a career in marketing, thanks to her work experience at Marsh. She feels more confident about the skills required for this profession and the various roles available in marketing once she leaves school.



National Careers Week provides a fantastic opportunity for students like Emily to explore different career options and learn about industries that are not often taught in schools. Through work experience placements, students gain valuable insights into various industries and the skills required for different roles. Emily’s experience with Marsh is an excellent example of how work experience placements can inspire and guide students towards a career they may not have considered before. Marsh Finance value our people, be it staff, customers or anyone we come into contact with. Nearly 50 years experience in the car finance industry has taught us the importance of relationships within, and we couldn’t have been happier to offer our marketing insight to Emily. We urge all car finance companies within our industry to look to take students on for work experience. This allows us to arm the future workforce with all the skills they may need.