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What makes a car ULEZ compliant? 

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As we continue to face the impacts of global warming, more and more measures have been taken to reduce emissions. Clean air zones have appeared across the UK, and London is no exception. The introduction of the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in 2019 has left many wondering whether they’ll have to pay to drive around London. Fear not, Marsh Finance has provided everything you need to know about ULEZ, including whether your car is exempt from any charges.  

ULEZ Explained 

To understand ULEZ it is important to go back to 2017. At this point, London has been declared a very high pollution threat for the first time. The air was polluted by emissions and the mayor at the time, Sadiq Khan, felt it necessary to introduce the Toxicity Charge (T-Charge). This charge was £10 per day and was applied to anyone who entered a certain zone. As a result of the charge, emissions dropped by 20% and high-polluting cars entering London fell from around 36,000 to 26,000. This significant fall showed the success of such a policy and started the journey towards ULEZ. In 2019, ULEZ was launched. This charge covered the same area as the T-Charge but was in effect 24/7, all year round. The charges you will face under ULEZ are as follows; 

  • £12.50 a day for cars, vans and motorcycles 
  • £100 a day for buses, coaches and lorries 

The ULEZ charge attempts to deter people from driving in the area and with that reduce emissions.  

The zone covers central London and the surrounding Greater London area. Anyone who enters the area, whether they live there or not, will be subject to the charge. If you’re driving to London any time soon, you may be wondering what your charge will be. Fortunately, not all vehicles are liable to this charge, and so you may be wondering if you are ULEZ compliant. With that, we have covered what makes a vehicle exempt from ULEZ charges.  

What makes a car ULEZ-compliant? 

Any car registered after January 2006 must meet certain standards to be ULEZ compliant. For petrol cars, they must meet the Euro 4 emission standards. These standards are as follows: 

  • Petrol cars have to produce CO of no more than 1.0g/km,  
  • Total Hydro Carbon (THC) emissions of no more than 0.10g/km  
  • NOx emissions of 0.08g/km. 

If your petrol car meets Euro 4 standards, you won’t have to pay to enter a ULEZ zone.  

For diesel cars, they must meet Euro 6 standards to avoid ULEZ charges. Euro 6 standards state the following: 

A diesel car cannot emit more than 80mg/km of NOx gases. 

Again, any diesel car that meets this standard will be able to miss out on ULEZ charges.  

How can I check if my car is ULEZ-compliant? 

As we’ve mentioned, any petrol car older than 2006 will likely face a ULEZ charge. If your car was produced after 2006 but you are still unsure as to whether it’s ULEZ compliant, you can use a free tool to check.  

Motorway provides a free ULEZ checker. For this, all you must do is input your vehicle registration and click ‘check compliance’. The free tool will then let you know if your vehicle is compliant. It really is that easy, and definitely what we would recommend if you are unsure of your car’s compliance. You can use their easy tool here 

Final thoughts 

The implementation of ULEZ is necessary in our fight against climate change. Want to avoid ULEZ charges and contribute to reducing emissions in London? Apply for car finance with Marsh Finance today! Our application process is quick and easy, and you can find out if you’re pre-approved on the same day. With competitive rates and flexible terms, we can help you get the car you need while also doing your part for the environment. Don’t wait, apply now and start driving towards a cleaner, greener future! 

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