Marsh Finance, a leading car finance lender known for its exceptional service, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Vizion Autos Limited, a trusted car dealership. This innovative collaboration aims to revolutionise the car buying experience, offering customers a seamless journey from financing to driving their dream car off the lot.

With Marsh Finance’s reputation as one of the few lenders offering non-prime PCP solutions, this partnership opens up new avenues for Vizion Autos Ltd. to provide enhanced financing opportunities to their customers.

With this alliance, customers will find a harmonious blend of convenience and choice. Marsh Finance’s flexible financing options seamlessly integrate with Vizion Autos’ diverse inventory of used vehicles, allowing customers to find their perfect match while enjoying personalised financing solutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vizion Autos Ltd., as it represents a thrilling convergence of shared values and a commitment to delivering excellence in the automotive industry,” said Andrew Marsh, CEO of Marsh Finance. “Together, we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact we will have, and we look forward to an exciting future filled with innovation and exceptional customer experiences.” – Andrew Marsh, CEO of Marsh Finance.

Vizion Autos’ dedicated team of experts, combined with Marsh Finance’s industry-leading finance solutions, ensures that customers receive unparalleled support and guidance throughout their car-buying journey. From exploring financing options to test-driving their chosen vehicle, customers can expect an exceptional experience that goes above and beyond expectations.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Marsh Finance. Having a Lender like Marsh will enable us to grow our business and set the bar high for competitors. We feel this opportunity, along with the values we share with Marsh, will bring in a lot of success and provide our customers with a clear and transparent customer journey!” – Raheel Zaman, Director of Vizion Autos.

The partnership between Marsh Finance and Vizion Autos is set to redefine the car buying landscape, simplifying the process and creating an environment where customers feel empowered and confident in their purchase decisions. Together, both companies are committed to setting new industry standards and delivering excellence at every touchpoint.

About Marsh Finance:

Marsh Finance is a trusted car finance lender based in Rochdale, known for its exceptional service and tailored finance solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Marsh Finance empowers individuals to drive their dream cars with ease.

About Vizion Autos Ltd:

Vizion Autos Ltd. is a customer-centric car dealership known for its extensive inventory of new and used vehicles. With a commitment to delivering a premium car buying experience, they have become a preferred destination for car buyers nationwide.