As a leading car finance lender with over 50 years of experience, Marsh Finance provides car finance lending solutions to various partners in the industry. One of their valued partners is Zuto, an online car finance broker. In addition to their core lending services, Marsh Finance offers an innovative value-add service known as Marsh Valued Partnerships (MVP) to help their partners improve compliance and operational efficiencies.

As a senior stakeholder in the car dealership or car finance broker industry, you understand the importance of compliance and operational efficiency. These factors can make or break your business, and any assistance to improve them is highly sought after. That’s where Marsh Finance comes in, with its innovative and industry-leading MVP service.

Let’s look at how Marsh Finance has helped Zuto, an online car finance broker, improve its business efficiencies, increase sales, and generate more profit.

About Marsh Finance:

With over 50 years of experience in car finance lending, Marsh Finance is a trusted name in the industry. They have differentiated themselves from their competitors with their tailor-made MVP service, which puts their partners’ businesses first and rewards them for achieving and maintaining high levels of compliance and streamlined operational efficiencies.

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Zuto Partnership:

Marsh Finance partnered with Zuto to provide car finance lending services to their wide customer range. Upon meeting Zuto, Marsh identified that their conversion rates were relatively poor, costing Zuto and their lenders a lot of money in operational costs. To address this issue, Marsh Finance set out to improve Zuto’s acceptance rate, which was previously at 32%.

Improving Acceptance Rates:

Marsh Finance assisted Zuto in reviewing defaulted payments, enabling them to filter out proposals that would never get approved, and updating them on market insights. Marsh Finance worked with Zuto to review their finance rules and criteria and implemented a new streamlined process. This made it much easier for Zuto to drive sales, resulting in a new acceptance rate of 63% – almost a 100% uplift versus their pre-Marsh figures.

This uplift in acceptance rates has enabled Zuto to make more profit than ever before.

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Streamlining Efficiencies and Boosting Sales:

Zuto was struggling with operational efficiencies for its aggregator applications and comparison sites. Marsh Finance has worked with Zuto to improve efficiencies and increase comparison site sales by creating an aggregator checklist, which has dramatically helped improve performance and conversions.  

After embedding the new ‘Aggregator Checklist’, Zuto is seeing a dramatic increase in their accept-to-pay conversions which have grown from 4.5% to 13.5%.

Zuto MVP Award:

Marsh Finance recently awarded Zuto with a Gold Accredited MVP Partner Status, which reflects the fantastic improvements that have been implemented within their business. Zuto achieving the gold award is a credit to them and represents their solid internal processes and robust compliance procedures.

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Want to Find Out How Marsh Can Improve Your Businesses Profits?

If you’re a car dealership or car finance broker looking to improve your compliance and operational efficiencies, Marsh Finance’s MVP service is the perfect solution. As demonstrated in this case study, MVP can help you improve your acceptance rate, increase sales, and generate more profit. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reap these benefits for your business.

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