Marsh Finance is excited to announce our new MVP compliance solution. This service is tailor-made to help car dealerships with the ever-changing compliance landscape, enabling you to increase sales and improve operational efficiencies across your business. With this service, you can relax knowing that your business is in good hands. Our experts are always up to date on the latest changes. They will work with you to ensure that your dealership not only remains compliant but also that you know what steps are required to achieve higher accreditation levels in the future.

A word from our Managing Director

“MVP is a fantastic opportunity for Marsh to build and strengthen already existing partnerships. Our award-winning Compliance team are specialists in evaluating and understanding the needs of our partners to ensure their sales processes are compliant. MVP is an opportunity to showcase our strengths and nurture partnerships that can breed exciting opportunities for Marsh and our partners in the future at a time when the company is experiencing significant growth. A rebrand and new website highlight our desire to innovate, and MVP is just one of the many exciting opportunities to develop within a changing industry.”

– Andrew Marsh, Managing Director

What is an MVP Accreditation?

‘Marsh Valued Partnerships’ (MVP) aims to reward our partners for their success in achieving and maintaining high levels of compliance, enabling us to build stronger relationships within the industry.

An MVP is a partner that embodies our commitment to robust operational practices, efficient field sales performance, and rigorous compliance procedures, all whilst upholding the integrity and positive relationship Marsh expects. An MVP meets KPIs set by Marsh and will, in turn, receive rewards, from guidance on compliance to performance reviews and analysis. You can read more about the rewards later in this blog. 

There are currently no other offerings within the industry that rival Marsh’s MVP Accreditation scheme. Developing a market-leading proposal echoes Marsh’s commitment to innovation whilst offering a fantastic proposition to existing and potential partners that’s market-leading and puts your business first. We’ve been in the industry for almost 50 years, so it’s no surprise that we know a thing or two about compliance and operational efficiencies. Our team knows how to make your company’s operations run smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business!

All MVPs are assigned a dedicated account manager who will support them at every step. They will work with you to understand your entire business and advise on best implementing our industry-leading regulatory framework.

Why should dealerships sign up?

MVP is a new concept to market; the scheme is the first of its kind within the industry. Although other motor finance companies consult and offer guidance on compliance procedures, this is at a surface level compared to Marsh Valued Partnerships service. Current offerings are just the tip of the iceberg, with MVP offering an all-encompassing approach to compliance and operational efficiencies within the auto-trade industry. We not only provide recommendations on required changes and improvements, but we work with you to deliver the implementation of these changes.

Our MVP is a free consultancy service, a sounding board for all your compliance and operational management needs from a team with significant experience in motor finance. We know the significant costs associated with external compliance consultancy services and feel that offering a free bespoke service is an unmissable experience for our partners and industry.

At the core of MVP is the desire to build greater relationships within the industry and develop stronger communication with our partners. Our compliance team will connect areas of your business and streamline compliance processes, tailoring procedures based on your individual business needs. To reduce the silo effect of organisations managing compliance independently, our team decided to launch the MVP service – enabling our partners to benefit from the wealth of experience at Marsh. Building relationships is a business practice we believe in, and MVP is a fantastic opportunity for partners to do just that.

Partner testimonials

Read testimonials from current partners as to the impact our fantastic compliance team has had on their processes.

“As a broker in the Car Finance industry, it is important to us, when interacting with our affiliate lenders, that we maintain dialogue that is both informative, agile, and didactic. We want to highlight the excellent level of expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail we experienced during the review and how the entire exercise allowed us to align our business with theirs and to better understand our own competency. As a business that prides itself on ensuring that the consumer is always the priority, I can honestly say that the program Gary and Stephen have developed is arguably the most comprehensive risk review in the industry and sets a standard to which others should hold themselves. By attending this review, we feel we have better positioned ourselves to provide a safe, secure environment for the customer.”

– Jamie Oliver, Head of Operations, Car Finance R Us Limited

“We at Stoneacre have a very close working relationship with Marsh Finance at all levels and have held this since 2005 when we commenced writing business with them. Marsh Finance has recently been pivotal in assisting us in analysing our Compliance policies to protect us from any regulatory risk, and their Compliance team have proved to be experts in their field. Running our finance company with Marsh has helped Stoneacre sell more vehicles, grow our return on capital and increase our F&I profitability. As a result, in Q2 2022, we will look to work closer with Marsh to grow their support across retail finance volumes. Using Marsh’s fully automated customer journey alongside AutoConvert will ensure that Stoneacre can offer a “first-class” service to our near-prime customers.”

– David Teatum, F&I Director, Stoneacre Motor Group

MVP Accreditation Tiers

The MVP accreditation scheme is split into three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The key performance indicators that will help you move through the levels of your MVP are found below. These standards vary depending on your business model, so check out this page for more information! Banding has been determined based on various criteria to enable us to allocate the appropriate banding level for each company’s needs. 

Become an MVP:

Ready to become an MVP? Sign up here.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will genuinely take the time to understand your business honestly. We know that no two dealerships are the same, so why would our MVP service be? We’ll work with you to develop an MVP solution perfect for your business. See below for an example of some services offered within the MVP accreditation:

Policy Reviews

Financial Promotion Reviews

Risk Analysis & Assessments

Commercial Term Creation

Performance Reviews & Analysis

Advisory Regulatory Sandbox Forum

Monitoring Regulatory Sandbox Forum

Regulatory Surveillance

Operational Efficiency Review

Joint Ventures

Here at every step of the way

Unlike other compliance support services, Marsh takes the time to understand you, your business, and any challenges. We know that implementing change is difficult in any organisation, so we’ll work with you to identify critical areas of improvement and will be available at any time to help implement these changes.

Our team of experts are always up to date on the latest changes. They will work with you to ensure that your dealership not only remains compliant but also that you know what steps are required to achieve higher accreditation levels in the future.

The launch of our Marsh Valued Partnerships service is the first in a host of exciting developments at Marsh.

Partner with us today to transform your company processes! Visit our MVP page on our brand-new website or contact a dedicated member of our team.

Be one of the first to partner with Marsh and receive all the compliance guidance you could ever need at 0 costs. MVP is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to build a strong partnership with an established motor finance company of nearly 50 years whilst receiving industry-leading guidance free of charge. The MVP scheme is the first of its kind in the industry, and our compliance team are ready to revolutionise your business procedures.