Marsh Valued Partnerships service is tailor-made to help car finance intermediaries with the ever-changing compliance landscape, enabling them to increase sales and improve operational efficiencies across their businesses. With this service, car finance intermediaries can relax knowing that their business is in good hands. Marsh Finance’s experts are always up to date on the latest changes and will work with partners to ensure they know what steps are required to achieve higher MVP accreditation levels in the future.

What is an MVP Accreditation? 

‘Marsh Valued Partnerships’ aims to reward partners for their success in achieving and maintaining good levels of compliance and efficiencies, enabling us to build stronger relationships within the industry.

No other offerings within the automotive finance industry currently rival Marsh’s MVP Accreditation scheme. Developing a leading proposal echoes Marsh’s commitment to innovation whilst offering a fantastic proposition to new and existing partners. Marsh Finance has been in the industry for almost 50 years, so it’s no surprise they know a thing or two about compliance, sales and operational efficiencies. Marsh Finance’s team knows how to make a partner’s operations run smoothly and efficiently, so they can focus on what matters most: growing their business.

How does MVP benefit car finance intermediaries? 

Marsh Valued Partnerships is a new concept to market, with the scheme the first of its kind within the industry. Although other motor finance companies offer guidance on compliance procedures, this is at a surface level compared to MVP. Current procedures are just the tip of the iceberg; MVP provides an all-encompassing service where they oversee the implementation of processes and deliver wherever required.

MVP is a free consultancy service, a sounding board for all compliance and operational needs from a team with significant experience in motor finance compliance. There are substantial costs associated with external consultancies, so Marsh’s free bespoke service is an unmissable experience.

Marsh’s team will connect areas of a business and streamline compliance processes, tailoring procedures based on individual business needs. Reducing the silo effect of organisations managing compliance on their own is a desire of Marsh Finance’s compliance team and a significant reason for implementing MVP.

Building relationships is a business practice Marsh believes in, and MVP is a fantastic opportunity for partners to do just that.

What does MVP include?

Marsh Valued Partnerships offers a wide range of added-value services to partners, including sales, operational and compliance support – check out the featured image for a complete list of services.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to build a strong partnership with an established motor finance company of nearly 50 years whilst receiving industry-leading guidance free of charge.

The Marsh Valued Partnerships service launch is the first in a host of exciting developments at Marsh.