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The best cars starting with S on the market 

You’d be amazed how many cars start with S, many of which have iconic logos. Marsh Finance has provided our five best car brands that start with S and a breakdown of what makes them great. Ready to speed towards some of the best car brands? You can access specific brands here for easy reading. 


First on our roads in 1953, Subaru has firmed itself as one of the most prominent car brands in the world. With cars known for their handling and performance, Subarus have traditionally been the choice of petrol lovers wanting an exhilarating driving experience. With Subaru a significant part of rally driving, its place as an entertaining car is guaranteed. Cars famously featured in the Fast and Furious series, such as the Impreza, with various versions of the model seen in 4 of the car-based films. The Subaru Impreza is one of the most iconic cars, with its trademark spoiler and box shape that leaves it looking menacing on any road.  

A brand that’s been the joy of petrol lovers for years has taken steps to become more environmentally friendly with the 2023 Solterra, an all-electric SUV.  

Overall, Subaru can be seen as the most well-known car brand, starting with S, and for a good reason. If you are looking for a car that leaves you breathless, Subaru is the brand for you.  

a skoda vehicle parked on a hill in the country side


Next is the oldest brand on the list, Skoda. The Czech company started manufacturing planes before switching to cars, and since then, have been a massive part of the global car industry. Best known for its reliability, Skoda provides excellent value for money as well as a good driving experience. One of the most iconic Skodas to ever hit the road is the Octavia. First launched in 1959, the Octavia has gone through numerous changes from its original model but remains today and acts as a beacon of the success and reliability of Skoda. Alongside Octavia is many other impressive models that have been routine in the traditions of Skoda, giving customers a continuous plethora of choice when it comes to their next car. With SUVs, hatchbacks and many others, Skoda is a mainstay on our list of the best car brands starting with S.  

a white seat car driving down a road with greenery in the background


Next on the list is SEAT, Spain’s first family car manufacturer and a permanent fixture on our roads since its birth in 1950. Founded in Spain, SEAT is an abbreviation of the following words; Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, which translates to Spanish Touring Company. SEAT has come a long way, from the small compact cars of the 1950s to one of its current best sellers, the CUPRA Formentor, an SUV. As part of the Volkswagen Group, SEAT shares its parts with VW, making it extremely reliable for those looking for a long-term car. SEAT is also a versatile brand with something for everyone, and we see them as a fantastic option for car buyers. All vehicles pass the highest safety standard, which only adds to the allure of the SEAT brand. SEAT can be an excellent option for those looking for a reliable, safe and stylish car.  

a yellow suzuki vehicle driving on a dirt path


Launched in 1909 by Michio Suzuki, the Suzuki brand has been famous on our roads, both for car and motorcycle users. The Japanese manufacturer has had a significant hand in vehicle and motorcycle manufacturing, indicating its versatility and value. Depending on who you ask, Suzuki will either be seen as a car or motorcycle brand.  

The logo is iconic, a shaped S that almost appears as a backwards Z alongside the Suzuki name. This logo style was launched in 1954 and has been the logo of Suzuki ever since, taking on slight colour and layout changes through time. What has remained is the recognizable S, which has been visible both on cars and motorcycles, and perhaps most famously in MotoGP.  

Suzukis are reliable. A WhatCar? A survey of more than 16,000 car owners saw Suzuki score a 97.1% reliability rating, a fantastic score and an indication of the strength of Suzuki cars. The Swift model is among the most popular within the Suzuki range. First launched in 2005, it hit 6 million sales in 2018, owing to its sporty shape and slick design. If you are looking for a reliable hatchback that’s almost guaranteed not to disappoint you, the Suzuki Swift is the option.  

a silver saab vehicle driving on a grey tarmac road

Honourable mentions 

Two car brands that are no longer in production but worth a mention are Saab and Smart. The former launched in 1937 out of Sweden and ceased production in 2012. A relatively steady brand, Saab was great for families, and those looking for a car to get from A to B. Saab was forward-thinking and looked at green solutions at times when it wasn’t popular, and for that, they deserve massive respect.  

The other car that has seen production halted is Smart. An edgy brand formed in 1994, Smart was a young brand with a quirky design. Their cars were, in some cases, half the size of a normal car and fully electric. A small stature made Smart cars an excellent option for inner city livers and environmentally conscious customers. In 2019, production was halted in the US mainly due to low sales, and it is unlikely they will ever return to manufacturing.  


Many well-known car brands are beginning with S; Subaru, Skoda, Suzuki and SEAT. All offer reliable rides; the brand you choose for your next car depends on your wants and needs. If you are a petrol-head car lover who relishes the chance to drive a fun and sometimes unpredictable car, Subaru is for you. Looking for a reliable, safe drive that still provides excitement? Skoda is the one for you. There are fantastic options for you to choose from, and we recommend taking the time to find the right car for you. Once you find your car, you may be interested in financing the vehicle. Here at Marsh Finance, we offer HP and PCP agreements and support our customers throughout their time with us. A soft credit search and easy-to-use application form can see you receive a decision the same day and set the wheels in motion for your new car. Are you interested in applying? Visit our one-page, super-quick application form here. 

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