When it is your first time buying a car, entering a car dealership can be a daunting experience. You are expected to know what you want and understand cars to a certain level, but this may be daunting for new buyers. As a result, we at Marsh Finance have provided 5 things to look out for in car dealerships, especially if you are a first-time buyer.


Having that professional feel is important to see for the customer, as it can build trust. Researching beforehand around the appearance of the website and initial contacts can give an early impression of professionalism: is the website modern and slick, and do the phone calls and emails convey a professional approach? If so, you can feel that the dealership you have chosen is professional. If you attend the showroom in person, how does it feel when you walk through the door? Look for a modern layout and even things as simple as a reception desk. Make sure to check the surroundings of the dealership; what is around it? Is it near other dealerships? Being near other dealerships tends to indicate professionalism. Finally, are the staff in smart uniforms and attentive to you, as this builds trust and almost guarantees a professional experience.

Reasonable prices

Prices of the cars seem competitive. If not, the dealership may seem to be lacking in professionalism and trust. Saving as much money as possible is essential in car buying.

Option to test drive the car

The ability to book a test drive is important in getting a feel for the car and seeing if it suits your needs. Car showrooms should allow you to test drive the car, so those who do not can come across as less professional. Attending a dealership that takes you through the process smoothly and offers you a test drive is one that you can trust.

Multiple payment options are available

In the modern age, there are multiple ways to pay for a car. If your dealership only allows cash payment, this is a sign of a lack of professionalism and a warning sign over the legitimacy of the dealership. Therefore, you should look out for the option to pay for the vehicle in multiple ways, with this a good indication of the trustworthiness of the establishment.

Car history available

As already said, research is key. This applies to you and the dealer, as the car you are buying should come with a history check. Checking the car’s history can pinpoint any previous issues with the car that may affect your purchase decision. Dealers that lack car history information available are not as trustworthy as those that do. Having the car’s history is a minimum requirement for a well-functioning car dealership, and it is in your right to request the car’s history due to its importance. We recommend, therefore, you ask about the car’s history.