The Most Anticipated Car Models of 2023

As we enter the halfway point of 2023, car releases are set to continue. With production boosted after supply chain issues were somewhat resolved, 2023 will see the release of a significant number of vehicles varying in style, shape, and size. Marsh Finance presents a curated selection of our top recommendations for 2023, encompassing a diverse range of vehicles including sports cars, SUVs, and luxury automobiles. Ready to speed into everything 2023 has to come?

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Ferrari Purosangue

Polestar 3

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Lamborghini Huraccan Sterrato

Ferrari Purosangue

We start our list with one of the most luxurious cars set to release in 2023, the Ferrari Purosangue. The iconic Italian manufacturer is shaping up the industry yet again, this time with its first SUV. Ferrari made waves with their release of the four-wheel drive FF in 2011, famously showing it cruising in snow as part of its launch campaign. The Purosangue continues their commitment to innovating, with the concept of a Ferrari SUV almost un-thinkable ten to fifteen years ago, but here we are. The Purosangue is the first four-seater, four-door Ferrari in history, making its release significant in its own right. Powered by a V12 engine, the Purosangue has been described as combining performance, driving pleasure and comfort to form a Ferrari in what they deem as ‘Prancing Horse DNA’. A luxurious interior matched by Ferrari power is perhaps a nod to the direction Ferrari may look to explore more in the future, and we for one are looking forward to what’s to come. If you are wanting to pick up a new Purosangue, expect to pay around a whopping £310,000!

Picture of the new ferrari Purosangue in grey

Polestar 3

The relatively new Swedish manufacturer is yet to completely shock the market, but we feel the Polestar 3 could do just that. A stylish, sleek SUV, the Polestar 3 is an EV with a luxury and contemporary feel. Strong contours and sharp edges propel this car into the modern age, with an interior to match. A large touchscreen infotainment system, which is similar to that of a Tesla, greets you in the front of the vehicle, with comfortable seating throughout. Yes, the Polestar may be relatively simplistic inside, but that plays well to its exterior design, with a minimalistic approach that makes the Polestar 3 look like it belongs whilst giving a sense of calm to its drivers. An extremely safe and comfortable car, the latest Polestar is perfect for families looking for a good ride whilst caring for the environment with its 100% electricity fuelling. The price is pretty steep compared to SUVs on the market, coming in anywhere between £79,000 to £85,000, and it remains to be seen if the price difference is reflected in greater quality. Either way, this is definitely one car to keep an eye on in 2023.

A white polestar 3 in 2023 with black trims and wheels

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Continuing with the electric theme, the Tonale is Alfa Romeo’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle, a significant step toward its commitment to become fully electric by 2027. A compact SUV, the Tonale is expected to last for around 42 miles on an electric charge, a reasonably standard distance for plug-in hybrids. A car with a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, this car is safe, practical and has the boot space not usually associated with an Alfa. However, the Tonale is still distinctly Alfa in design with all the curves and accents you would expect of the Italian manufacturer. Not particularly flashy, the Tonale makes our list due to representing Alfa’s first foray into EVs and who’s to know if it will sink or swim?

With prices starting from £37,000, it is well placed within other compact SUVs, and is definitely a car we will be keeping an eye on.

A blue Alfa Romeo with black wheels and trim

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

Now for something faster that’s bound to get you excited, the new Lamborghini. With all the iconic trims and shapes, the Sterrato continues the famous Lamborghini look, whilst holding a secret you won’t believe…

Within the pre-sets of the car is a Rally mode. Yes, you read that right, off-road! In something of a shock, this vehicle aims to continue ‘the thrill past the asphalt’, a phrase they have made front and centre of their campaign. If there’s one thing Lamborghinis can face mild criticism of, it’s their handling, but this rally mode presents a fantastic opportunity to change that. The power of the Italian brand has never been questioned and combined with off-road capabilities, the Sterrato is a truly menacing prospect for competitors. With prices starting at £230,000, the Sterrato is certainly not cheap, and doesn’t make our list as a must-buy but rather a truly fascinating car to watch from afar; will the off-road capabilities be the final piece of the puzzle, or will it overcomplicate an iconic brand? This remains to be seen, and we cannot wait to see how this car fares.

An organe Lamborghini in orange with black trim and wheels

Rolls Royce Spectre

We feel there is no better way to end than a luxurious British manufacturer that has produced stunning cars over its lifetime, Rolls Royce. Next off their production line is the Spectre, an electric vehicle with all the signs of another fantastic Rolls Royce. Retaining its classic sloped saloon design, matched with the instantly recognisable logo, the Spectre continues the Rolls Royce legacy, whilst bringing it up to today’s digital standards. Dubbed the ‘world’s first ultra-luxury electric super coupe’ by Rolls Royce, the Spectre has all the tools to blow away its competition and dominate its space. As always, you can expect a luxurious interior synonymous with the brand, where external sound can be blocked out, whether this is a good feature or not we’ll leave up to you!

At a price of £350,000, the Spectre fits in with its predecessors, but you can make arguments as to value for money. What you can’t discern, however, is the beauty and luxury of the car, combined with a new-found desire to be environmentally friendly. Just for this feature alone, the Spectre is high on our list for cars to watch and rounds off our list.

A yellow Rolls Royce Spectre 2023 in yellow with black trims and wheels


There you have it, our top five cars to look out for in 2023. Are you looking for more cars upcoming? If so, Top Gear has provided its 23 best vehicles for the coming year. On top of this, you can find numerous articles from the likes of What Car? that delve into numerous cars for release in 2023. As a car finance company, we love our vehicles, and the five listed above are some of the most exciting to come in 2023.

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