When is my MOT due? 

All vehicles aged over three years are legally required to undergo an MOT test. Your MOT is due exactly one year since its previous assessment – or 3 years after purchasing your car. There are some models that are exempt from MOT requirements; these are traditionally classic vehicles. 

Driving without a valid MOT certificate is unsafe and dangerous. This could result in; 

  • A substantial fine of up to £2,500 
  • Points on your license
  • Invalidation of insurance policy  

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find out your MOT renewal date – read on to find out more. 

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Do electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid cars require an MOT? 

EV vehicles and hybrid cars are required to undergo MOT tests every year once they reach three years of age. EVs and hybrids are specialist vehicles. Consequently, check that the MOT service centre/ garage you have chosen is able and certified to run these tests. 

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How can I check when my car MOT is due? 

If you have your MOT certificate to hand, this will show the date of your last MOT and your renewal date. If you don’t have your current MOT certificate, you can check your MOT due date online. 

The UK government provides a free service via their website called “MOT History Check”. Simply enter your vehicles registration number and check the MOT status and due date of your car. You can use this service to check when your car MOT is due here. 

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MOT due date reminder service  

The government have also implemented a reminder service which will send you a text or email when your MOT is due.  

This service ensures that you won’t forget to book your vehicle in for an inspection. Of course, this reduces the risk of driving an unsafe vehicle, receiving a fine, or points on your driving licence. 

You simply enter your vehicle registration number and tick how you’d like to be notified of your renewal date. 

The MOT due date reminder service can be accessed here. 

It is important to make sure that your car’s MOT is kept up to date. Driving without a valid MOT certificate is illegal and could result in fines or penalties. 

When should I book my MOT? 

You can book your MOT up to one month, minus one day before your existing MOT certificates renewal / expiry date. So, if your current MOT certificate expires on 30th June, you can book your next MOT test from the 1st June onwards. 

We recommend that you book your MOT in advance. This gives you the ability to secure an appointment at a time that suits you, avoiding last-minute rushes and inconvenience. Many garages and MOT testing centres offer a wide range of appointment slots. These include early mornings and evening appointments, so you can choose a time that fits around your lifestyle. 

However, its important to note that you shouldn’t book your MOT too far in advance. This could result in your MOT certificate being valid for less than twelve months. Here is an example: 

If your MOT is due on the 30th June, but you book your test in for 1st June, your new MOT test will expire on 1st June the following year – causing you to lose 30 days.  

Overall, we suggest that it’s best to book your MOT around one month before it expires. This ensures that you’re able to get an appointment at a convenient time. It also means that your new certificate is valid for a full twelve months. 

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Am I able to drive without a valid MOT certificate? 

No, if your MOT has run out, it’s illegal to drive your car anywhere or to park it on the road.  

The only exemption to this rule is if you’re traveling to the MOT test centre itself for the vehicles assessment. 

Don’t risk fines, penalties or driving an unsafe vehicle – make sure your MOT is up to date! If you’re unsure when your MOT is due, you can easily check it online using the UK government’s free MOT history checker. 

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