Caught speeding? 👀

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In the UK, thousands of drivers are caught speeding every day. At Marsh Finance, we understand that it’s easy to creep over the limit occasionally. For those minor offences, a speed awareness course could be an option to avoid points on your license. Let’s delve into what happens at a speed awareness course and what you need to know.

Understanding Speed Awareness Courses

Eligibility For The Course

Frequency of Attendance

What Happens at a Speed Awareness Course

Course Format

Online Course Option

After The Course

Applying For Car Finance With Marsh Finance

Final Thoughts

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Understanding Speed Awareness Courses

If you’re caught speeding within a specific range above the limit, you may be eligible for a speed awareness course. This option is at the discretion of the police and is offered to drivers who haven’t attended a course in the past three years. It’s designed as an educational alternative to penalty points and fines.

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Eligibility for the Course

The eligibility for attending a speed awareness course varies, typically allowing drivers caught speeding between 10% + 2mph and 10% + 9mph over the limit. For instance, in a 40mph zone, you’d qualify if you were caught driving between 46mph and 53mph.

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Frequency of Attendance

You can only take a speed awareness course once every three years. If you’re caught speeding again within this period, you’ll likely face the usual penalties, including points on your license.

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What Happens at a Speed Awareness Course

The course, which may cost around £100, aims to educate drivers about safe driving practices. It doesn’t involve a test at the end, but active participation is required. Topics covered include understanding speed limits, the dangers of speeding, and responsible driving behaviour.

Course Format

Speed awareness courses usually last about four hours and include discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions. They are available throughout the week, including weekends and evenings, to accommodate various schedules.

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Online Course Option

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these courses were offered online via video conferencing platforms like Zoom. This online option continues to be available, making it more convenient for participants. The online courses are shorter, typically lasting around two-and-a-half hours, including a break.

After the Course

Once you complete the course, the provider will notify the police, and you won’t face further penalties for that particular speeding offence. However, if you fail to complete the course, you could face the original penalties.

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Applying for Car Finance with Marsh Finance

Whether you’ve attended a speed awareness course or not, applying for car finance with Marsh Finance is straightforward. With our car finance calculator, you can easily estimate monthly repayments, and our 30-second pre-approval process lets you know your status the same day without affecting your credit score – click here to check it out. Plus, you can browse our car marketplace to find and finance your dream car in one convenient place.

Final Thoughts

Speed awareness courses offer an educational alternative to penalty points and fines for minor speeding offences. They emphasise the importance of safe driving while helping drivers avoid increased insurance costs and other penalties. Staying informed and adhering to speed limits is crucial for safe driving🚗💡🚦.

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