£30,000 can get you further than you imagined in the used car market. We at Marsh Finance have searched the need to find you the best-used cars for under £30,000. From the fastest used car to the best SUV and the most reliable, we have covered you for that budget of £30,000.

Fastest used car under £30,000 in the UK

V6 Jaguar F Type

At the top end of your budget, you will likely have to compromise for an older model, but who can turn down the opportunity to own a beautiful sports car? This car has a great blend of old and new, a quintessentially British feel and sounds out the exhaust combined with a modern look. The sound of this car takes you back to the old E Types, the roar of the British engine, this time in a current, slick vehicle. 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds combined with paddle shift transmission gives this car the zip and edge any top supercar has. For the price, it’s almost too good to miss out on.

Porsche 911 Carrera S (997)

All car lovers appreciate the elegance and reputation of Porsche 911s. This model is synonymous throughout recent history and even famous in pop culture, with the model featuring in Top Gun and Bad Boys. The Porsche 911 has become a valid driver’s car from the screen, with handling and speed almost guaranteed for each vehicle. The classic look is iconic and recognisable to nearly everyone who sees it. The Porsche 911 Carrera S (997) goes from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, driven by a 6-cylinder engine which produces 350 bhp. As a rear-wheel drive, this car handles well and gives anyone who drives it the classic car feel. At a price of around £25,000, it is the ultimate sports car for your budget.

Best used SUV to buy under 30k

Range Rover Evoque

The most popular model in the Land Rover series, the Evoque, is a stylish and classy SUV at a reasonable price. The car is comfortable to drive and practical if you have a family, alongside the luxury equipment that comes with the vehicle. The earlier model Evoques faced criticism for their clunky drive feel and performance, but the demand for small SUVs and subsequent competition has forced Range Rover to up their game. The result is a car that is comfortable and luxurious as well as an incredible drive. We recommend the Evoque, especially if you have a family.  

Volvo XC40

Volvo has championed the SUV scene, with the XC40 one of the most sought-after vehicles in the SUV market. The XC40 is the best-selling Volvo in the UK, with basic features coming as standard and you having the option of upgrades with the R-Design model. With a central touchscreen in the front, the XC40 has a modern and spacious feel and is incredibly reliable. Volvos are renowned for their reliability, and the XC40 is no different. A stylish, perhaps understated car that is safe and reliable for your family, what else could you want?

Jaguar F-Type

Car purists may feel this car is slightly too big or clunky for the roads, but the interior favourable is the interior’s space. There is ample space for adults relaxing on a long journey, coupled with a relaxed, luxurious interior. Models come with a glass roof giving the car an even bigger feel. Two seats are the limit; however, moving this car away from those with a family. For around £25,000, you can own a modern Jaguar that looks elegant and allows you to drive luxuriously.

Alternate cars under £30,000

Tesla Model S 85

At the top end of your budget, you can get the Tesla Model S 85. This car transcended the motor industry with its release, cutting-edge design, and accessories. The trademark full-length screen in the front controls most of the car’s functions and provides you with apps such as Netflix to watch when you are parked up. The silent electric feature makes long journeys soothing and relaxing, allowing you to travel in comfort and style. With 518 bhp, the Tesla Model S 85 can shift, completing 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds. A luxury car with high technology and speed is available for around £30,000. . Powering the car is cheap and cheerful for the environment.

BMW 5 series

The BMW 5 series is perhaps the highest quality car you can find within the £30,000 price range. It is luxurious, stylish, and has an incredible drive. This car has automatic transmission, alongside being robust and fast. The car has plenty of space, a soft leather interior, touchscreen navigation, and a modern look.


The BMW M4 and its predecessor, the M3, have always been a speed and power heads favourite. The car has often given supercar owners a run for their money; rightly so, the vehicle has a menacing look and backs this up with considerable pace and power. Since its inception in 2014, the M4 has constantly improved and evolved to a point where the car is at its best in 2022. Brand new, these cars cost somewhere in the region of £75,000+ but can fetch below £30,000. We advise you to purchase as modern an M4 as possible within the £30,000 price range. A powerful look and a stylish interior make for a fantastic road vehicle to own. The car is practical, with long journeys possible and a moderate boot space available. The rear-wheel drive can push drivers to their limit, making this a car for true driving enthusiasts.

Volkswagen Golf 1.5 ETSI

This car somewhat slipped under the radar, releasing it in the first lockdown. This car is a modern upgrade on the golf and takes this model of car to an even greater level than before. The new 8th generation golf has big shoes to fill with golfs constantly transcending the industry. However, we feel the 8th generation has done just that. The car still has the golf look, but with new wheel characters and details on the vehicles. The interior is futuristic, with a touchscreen interface and speed displayed digitally. This car does require some time to get used to the new gadgets, but once accomplished, it will make your life easier! Various car settings, from comfort to sport, give the driver options for how they want to move around, and new softer seats only add to the driving experience. The Volkswagen Golf has always pushed the boundaries as a hatchback, and this car is no different. For the price, we feel this is a fantastic hatchback option.

Mercedes-Benz A200 AMG Line

The Mercedes badge screams elegance and premium quality, and the A200 furthers this assumption. The car is stylish with a well-fitted interior and all the gadgets that come with a Mercedes. With a clean digital dashboard and interface, the vehicle does not feel cluttered but slick and efficient; the elegance of a Mercedes interior lives on in the A200. The dashboard behind the wheel is interactive and full of information such as fuel economy, power output and speed. This car stands at the top of the premium family cars, although it lacks fuel economy. Fast and punchy would describe this car as an automatic that allows you to drive in ultimate comfort. For the price, this car is an excellent option for those looking to start a family with a fast, quick, and versatile car.

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