Is Your Vehicle at Risk?

Vehicle thefts are growing like never before, fuelled by the crushing cost-of-living crisis, with London coming in as a hotspot.

The data shows a staggering 98,730 vehicle thefts occurred across the UK in 2022. Let that sink in. That means a vehicle is stolen somewhere in the UK about every five minutes! Can you believe it? A Freedom of Information request to The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) by Claims Management & Adjusting (CMA) shows 26,117 of the reported vehicles were stolen in London.

According to the latest figures, further statistics from AA insurance show a 25 per cent increase in car theft. But which car brands ranked highest among the most stolen vehicles?

Prepare yourself for an in-depth exploration into the world of car theft as we uncover the most stolen car brands in the UK…

The most stolen car brands:

Range Rover and Land Rover

The Range Rover has earned its unfortunate reputation as one of the most stolen vehicles for several compelling reasons. Figures from the DVLA show that one in every hundred Land Rovers was stolen between March 2022 – March 2023.

Whilst these models aren’t ‘easier’ to steal than other cars with keyless entry, they are highly desirable among car thieves.

Thieves have homed in on these luxurious cars as prime targets, either to fulfil overseas orders orchestrated on the dark web or to fuel the operations of illicit ‘chop shops’ which are dedicated to stripping and reselling car parts.

Whilst keyless entry is convenient and a standard feature on many modern cards, there are downsides. Criminals can start a car without a key in the ignition, which opens up these vehicles to a huge vulnerability.

Amongst the 896,948 licenced Land Rovers in the UK, a whipping 8,284 were reported as stolen within this period, which equates to 924 thefts for every 100,000.


Silver Mercesdes vehicle in the dark with another mercedes either side of it

Next on our list…

Mercedes Benz

The latest data unveiled on The National News website has shed light on the shocking theft rates of various car brands, leaving car owners on high alert. Mercedes Benz is coming in close second on the list, with an alarming theft rate of 323 stolen cars per 100,000. It’s a distressing statistic that underscores the desirability of these luxury vehicles among thieves.

Following closely behind, in third place, is Ford, which recorded a theft rate of 292 cars stolen per 100,000. This revelation serves as a wake-up call for Ford owners, highlighting the need for increased vigilance and security measures to safeguard their beloved vehicles.


In 3rd place: Ford

Not far behind Ford, the data reveals that BMW experienced a theft rate of 290 cars stolen per 100,000. This places BMW owners at a heightened risk, emphasising the importance of implementing effective anti-theft strategies to protect their cherished rides.

The steering wheel of a ford vehicle

How does this data impact car insurance?

The data on theft rates of the noted brands can impact car insurance prices. Insurance companies consider several factors when determining insurance premiums, and of course, theft rates are considered. Higher theft rates for a particular brand, like those listed above, may result in higher insurance costs for the owners.

Insurance companies assess the risk associated with a specific car model or brand, and when doing so, they consider the likelihood of the car being stolen. It’s a no-brainer that higher theft rates suggest to insurers that a particular brand or model is more attractive to thieves, increasing the risk of insuring the vehicle. So, if your car has made this list, you may see higher premiums.

hands sheltering a red toy car

How to protect your car from theft


With vehicle theft on the rise, it’s now more important than ever to do everything you can to safeguard your vehicle. Marsh Finance recommends a combination of preventative measures and innovative security practices; here are some practical ways to protect your vehicle:


  1. Lock all doors and windows: Whilst this may sound obvious, many of us forget to lock our cars occasionally. Make sure you double-check that all your windows are closed before leaving it unattended – even if you’re only making a quick stop.
  2. Secure parking: Park your car in well-lit areas or a secure car park with surveillance cameras. Avoid leaving your vehicle in a secluded or high-crime area.
  3. Install an alarm system: Invest in a reliable car alarm system that includes impact sensors, motion sensors and a loud alarm siren. The alarm will alert you and draw attention to any tampering.
  4. Use a steering wheel lock or immobiliser: Install a visible deterrent such as a steering wheel or pedal lock. This makes it harder for criminals to steal your vehicle and could deter them from attempting to do so.
  5. Install a GPS tracking system: GPS tracking systems enable you to track your vehicle in real-time and aid recovery of your car if it is stolen.
  6. Install a video doorbell for your drive: Video doorbells such as ‘Ring’ can help to alert you if there is any motion around your drive at home. Not just that, they can help identify any thieves in the event that your car is stolen.
  7. Key management: Be careful with your car keys. Avoid leaving spare keys inside the car or in easily accessible places. If your car has keyless entry, we recommend using a signal-blocking box to prevent attacks. Be careful with social media: Refrain from sharing any information about your vehicle or where it is parked – especially if you’re going on holiday. Thieves use this information to pick their next target.
  8. Be vigilant: Report any suspicious activity around your car or parking areas. If you notice anything unusual, report this to the police. 
  9. Insurance: Ensure you obtain a comprehensive car insurance policy with theft cover. If your car is stolen, having a fully comprehensive policy will provide financial protection and help you recover your losses.


a hand holding a car key

No security measure is foolproof, but implementing these measures can significantly reduce the risk of your car being stolen. Stay proactive and informed about the latest car security technologies and practices to enhance your vehicle’s protection.

The unsettling figures noted in this article demand our attention and prompt us to take action. It’s crucial for car owners, regardless of the brand they possess, to stay informed and remain proactive in safeguarding their vehicles against potential theft. By implementing robust security measures, such as tracking systems, immobilisers, and vigilant parking habits, we can strive to deter thieves and preserve the safety of our prized cars.


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