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The importance of using a car finance calculator

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Types of car finance

Tips for using the car finance calculator


Introduction to Car Finance Calculators

A car finance calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate monthly payments, interest rates and other figures associated with a car loan. At Marsh Finance, our finance calculator looks at your credit score, borrowing amount and repayment term to work out a rough estimate of your monthly repayments. With this information, you can begin to get an idea of what your car finance agreement may look like.

Importance of using a car finance calculator

A car finance calculator is a valuable tool. It enables you to calculate your monthly payments, compare different car finance options, and adjust variables to fit your budget. A car finance calculator allows you to receive an approximation of repayments. On top of this, it gives you that initial idea of what you could expect from finance. If the term doesn’t suit you, you can save time by not applying. Alternatively, seeing terms that work with your budget gives you the confidence to apply. One of the best benefits of a car finance calculator is for those with poor credit. The ability to see what your payment options are is much more important to someone with a weaker credit score.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a car finance calculator:


    1. Gather the necessary information, such as the car’s purchase price, the deposit amount, and the loan term.
    2. Find your car finance calculator.
    3. Enter the amount you want to borrow, the loan term and your credit score.
    4. Click the calculate button to get the estimated monthly payment.
    5. Adjust variables such as repayment terms and the amount to borrow to find a suitable payment plan that fits your budget.
    6. Compare different payment plans and interest rates to find the best deal.
    7. Repeat the process with other calculators to find the best financing option that suits your needs and budget.

Types of car finance

Here at Marsh, we offer two forms of finance, personal contract purchase (PCP) and hire purchase (HP). Hire purchase involves paying a deposit upfront and then paying monthly payments over a set period. Hire purchase agreements offer several benefits. These include; lower monthly payments, a fixed interest rate, and the option to purchase the car at the end of the term. Additionally, they are simple to understand and easy to arrange. This type of finance is ideal for those who want to own a car outright but cannot afford to pay for it upfront.

Personal Contract Hire (PCP) allows you to pay lower monthly payments for a fixed term and then decide whether to purchase the car at the end of the term or return it. PCP agreements usually offer more affordable monthly payments than a hire purchase agreement. This type of finance is suitable for those who want lower monthly payments and flexibility in ownership.

Tips for using a car finance calculator

Car finance calculators can be an excellent tool for helping you find the best financing options for your new car. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when using a car finance calculator:

  1. Gather all necessary information. Before using a car finance calculator, you must have specific information handy. This includes the amount you want to borrow, the loan term, and the interest rate.
  2. Be realistic about your budget. When using a car finance calculator, be honest about what you can realistically pay each month. Don’t stretch your budget too thin to get a car that you will later not be able to afford.

Consider different loan terms. By playing around with varying times of loan, you can find a payment plan that fits your needs and circumstances.

Follow these tips, and use a car finance calculator effectively to get the best possible deal on your new car.

 It’s crucial to use a car finance calculator, as it allows you to be fully aware of the costs associated with car financing. With a car finance calculator, you can make an informed decision about which financing option is best for you. With this, you can negotiate better deals with car dealers and lenders. By taking advantage of this powerful tool, you can ensure that you get the best possible deal on your next car purchase.

Here at Marsh Finance, we provide a car finance calculator that shows you the repayment amount, the best available rate based on your credit score, the total cost of credit and the total repayments. Once you have the information you need, apply for car finance using our quick and easy application form without impacting your credit score!

Representative Example

Rates from 12.9%

Representative example: borrowing £10,000 over 60 Months with a representative of 23.0% APR, an annual interest rate of 23.0% (fixed) and a deposit of £0.00, the amount payable would be 59 repayments of £269.58 per month, with one final repayment of £279.58 (which includes the option to purchase fee of £10.00), with a total cost of credit of £6,184.80 and a total amount payable of £16,184.80. Marsh Finance Limited are a lender, not a broker. 

Marsh Finance Limited are a lender, not a broker.

This is for illustrative purposes only and is not a quote or an offer of finance.