Drive up Your Earnings With Marsh Finance

The Benefits of Referring to Marsh

50 Years' of Experience

With over 50 years under our belt, we have overcome various industry challenges and developed a strong foundation for the future. Partner with Marsh and receive support built on 50 years of car finance business.

Simple Car Finance Process

With a streamlined customer journey and e-sign available, customers can expect a simple and straightforward car finance process. This ensures we can get customers driving their new car as soon as possible.

Preliminary Soft Search

When a customer applies for car finance with us, we conduct a soft credit search. This allows the customer to go apply in future without a mark appearing on their credit file, a significant benefit we offer.

Non-Prime PCP Offering

Marsh Finance is one of only two non-prime PCP providers in the UK, a sign of our commitment to all customers, no matter their circumstance. Looking to provide car finance to those that need it most? Marsh Finance can help.

Quick Approval Decision

With our easy-to-use application form and dedicated team on hand, customers can expect a car finance application decision the same day. Efficiency is central to our approach to the Marsh customer journey.

£300 Reward Per Customer

To help sweeten the deal, Marsh Finance are offering £300 for every customer referral from your dealership. In addition to this, we will also offer £300 for any past referral you have passed to us.

Product Overview

Terms & Conditions

You can view our terms and conditions by clicking the button below. In addition to this, an agreement can be accessed below that must be signed if you are looking to continue referring to Marsh Finance.