Driving Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Marsh’s Pledge to Sustainability

As a car finance lender, we recognise the effect we have on the planet around us. That’s why we’re not only offsetting our carbon footprint but also proudly partnering with a leading tree-planting organisation. Dive deeper to discover how we’re steering our journey towards a more sustainable future.


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Marsh Finance’s Latest Sustainability News

Gift-a-Tree is an organisation focused on re-wilding our landscapes. Through planting trees, ecosystems can thrive, and rare animals can return to our fields. Gift-a-Tree does exactly what it says, plants trees. Marsh Finance is proud to be partnered with such a fantastic cause and we are looking forward to future customer benefits associated with this partnership.
We must look after our surroundings and take accountability for the ongoing climate crisis, slowing down the associated impacts of climate change and making others aware of how they can help. As a car finance company, we are aware of our environmental impacts and have taken swift steps to partner with Plannet Zero to offset our carbon footprint.

What Does Being Carbon Neutral Mean?

If an organisation is carbon neutral, it is offsetting any carbon emissions it places into the atmosphere. This is just one of many steps a company can take to achieve sustainability.

Marsh’s Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

For half a century, Marsh has prioritised people at its core. Deeply rooted in our community values and societal role, we proudly mark our second year of carbon neutrality. This milestone signifies the beginning of our enduring commitment to sustainability.



The Impact of Our Sustainability Commitment

Corporate Responsibility

As a car finance lender, it’s our responsibility to champion environmental stewardship. We encourage everyone to recognise and embrace their eco-responsibilities.


Raise Awareness

Our aim is to enlighten both our industry peers and our valued customers, steering towards a more sustainable and greener future.


Only The Start

By proactively embracing sustainability now, we’re confident our green initiatives will flourish. We can’t wait to see the effects of our work on the community around us.

Empowering Employees to Make a Difference

At Marsh Finance, we believe that fostering a culture of giving goes beyond financial support. We actively encourage our team members to take paid days off to volunteer, underscoring our commitment to community service. By endorsing a diverse array of charities, we ensure our efforts resonate with various causes close to our hearts. We pride ourselves on organising group volunteering days over weekends, where our team comes together for initiatives like canal clean-ups. It’s not just about doing business; it’s about making a tangible difference in the communities we serve. Some of our fantastic partnerships are displayed on the right. 


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Hear from our trusted partners at Plannet Zero

“The weight of evidence surrounding climate change is irrefutable. Businesses must change their practices and emphasise their sustainability strategy as we close in on global net-zero targets.

PlannetZero has found a model partner in Marsh Finance. From top to bottom, the company was dedicated to addressing its environmental responsibility.”

– Michael Jacobs, Carbon Advisor at Plannet Zero


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What does it mean for a company to be carbon neutral?

If a company is carbon neutral, they are offsetting their carbon output by absorbing carbon elsewhere. For many companies, this can involve committing to tree planting all over the world, in order to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

How does becoming carbon neutral benefit the environment and our company?

Being carbon neutral benefits the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. At the same time, companies that adopt carbon neutrality practices often find that it helps to improve their reputation and brand image, increase customer loyalty, and attract environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, being carbon neutral can reduce costs by improving energy efficiency and reducing waste, which ultimately benefits a company’s bottom line.

What steps is our company taking to reduce its carbon footprint?

Marsh Finance is proud to be two years carbon neutral, and this is only the start for us. We recently entered into a partnership with Gift-a-Tree, where we have purchased trees and will plant one for every loan we write! This is not the end however, as Marsh look to venture further into environmental care and awareness.

How does a company become carbon neutral?

A company becomes carbon neutral by reducing its carbon footprint and offsetting any remaining emissions. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Measuring the company’s carbon footprint, which includes calculating the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced through its operations and supply chain.
  2. Reducing emissions by implementing eco-friendly practices, such as using renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing supply chain operations.
  3. Offsetting any remaining emissions by investing in carbon offsetting projects, such as reforestation or renewable energy projects, that remove or reduce the same amount of emissions from the atmosphere.
  4. Regularly monitoring and reporting on the company’s carbon footprint and emissions reduction efforts to ensure continued progress towards carbon neutrality.