Marsh Finance is celebrating its 2nd year of partnership with Plannet Zero, whom we’re working with to offset our carbon emissions and promote the importance of environmental impacts to others within the industry. At Marsh, we have received the title of carbon neutral for a second consecutive year, a proud achievement for ourselves at a time when climate action is desperately needed.

In this blog…

Why are we doing this?

The importance of other businesses becoming carbon neutral

Plannet Zero’s Purpose

A sit down with Plannet Zero

Why are we doing this?

As an organisation, Marsh Finance value its staff and the environment we provide for them, as well as our connection with the community around us. Caring for the environment is imperative, and we felt becoming carbon neutral was in line with these values.

Simply, we must look after our surroundings and take accountability for the ongoing climate crisis, slowing down the associated impacts of climate change and making others aware of how they can help. As a car finance company, we are aware of our environmental impacts and have taken swift steps to partner with Plannet Zero to offset our carbon footprint. Our staff are at the forefront of everything we do, and that’s why we’re now looking at how we can make carbon reductions across our business that also benefit our employees – more to be revealed in the coming months.

The importance of other businesses becoming carbon neutral

We all have a collective duty to care for the environment, so we call on other companies within the car finance industry to join us in becoming carbon neutral. Our industry is in greater need than others of climate focus, with emissions from transport contributing around 90% of pollution yearly.

Aside from the fantastic image and force for good you create by becoming carbon neutral; you can also reduce costs. Carbon-neutral initiatives lead to cost savings for a company by reducing energy consumption and promoting energy efficiency.

A word from our Managing Director Andrew Marsh

I am delighted to have led Marsh to be once again operationally carbon neutral. Never wanting to stand still, we endeavour to do more in the coming months and years for the good of the planet and us all. We encourage any business to consider the opportunity and would not hesitate to recommend Plannet Zero.

We recently sat down with Plannet Zero to talk about their purpose and experience working with Marsh.

Plannet Zero’s Purpose

Plannet Zero aims to educate and empower businesses to get started on their net zero journey.

How have you found working with Marsh so far?

Plannet Zero has found a model partner in Marsh Finance. From top to bottom, the company was dedicated to addressing its environmental responsibility. Through our One Two Zero programme Marsh has calculated its operational carbon footprint and offset it twice over to achieve a carbon-positive position for their organisational emissions.

Why is it important for other organisations direct focus to climate change?

The weight of evidence surrounding climate change is irrefutable. Businesses must change their practices and emphasise their sustainability strategy as we close in on global net-zero targets. Whilst decarbonisation is the primary focus, there are many other reasons to get involved, whether future proofing for upcoming legislation, gaining first mover advantage, securing contracts, and enhancing brand reputation.


Marsh values its staff and the environment we work in, and with that feeling, it is imperative to offset our carbon emissions. We have a great partner in Plannet Zero and look forward to continued work in the future. We hope this blog has motivated other companies to follow our example.