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As a car finance provider, we at Marsh Finance recognise the growth of hybrid cars and want to provide you with the necessary information surrounding them. Hybrid cars are very similar to traditional cars, with an internal engine powered by either petrol or diesel. However, within hybrid cars there is at least one electric motor that also powers the car. In most hybrids you can switch between petrol / diesel and electric, with the range of electric miles likely fewer than the range of petrol / diesel miles. Below are a few top tips for owning a hybrid car.

Scout for Charging Stations

Electric powered vehicles tend to come with two charging cables. one for homes with generic mains plug sockets and one for charging points in the public. As of today there are over 42,000 charging points in the UK, in over 15,500 locations. It’s safe to say there are plenty of opportunities to charge your car in public for a small cost. Many wonder how much it costs to charge an electric / hybrid car, with a fully electric car costing around £5-£10 for full charge and a hybrid possibly even cheaper. From a cost perspective, hybrid / electric charging is much more price effective than filling up your car with petrol or diesel. We recommend you find places to charge your car beforehand, so you aren’t rushing on your way to work!

Take the Time to Find the Right Option For You

Choosing a hybrid car can be tough, with the significant range of cars available now. Your choice will obviously be swayed by car make and budget, but we advise to take your time in the process and find what is right for you.

Hybrid Car Reliability

Reliability is an important issue for hybrid cars, with natural uncertainty hanging over due to its relative infancy in the car industry. Hybrid cars have a lower capacity for electric energy than they do for petrol/diesel and so at some point you are likely to run out of electric power mid drive. Obviously, this is not an issue as you have the back up of petrol/diesel, but it is important to ensure you fill your tank before long journeys and charge your car to guard against any possible issues. It is a fairly new concept to become accustomed to after years of petrol and diesel, but if you plan journeys and work out if you will need petrol/diesel as well as electric then you will be just fine.

Can I Finance A Hybrid Car?

Many companies offer finance on hybrid cars, including Marsh Finance. If you are interested in entering the hybrid car market, we would love to assist you in the process. Contact us to begin your hybrid car finance process.