crossfield-millMarsh Finance are moving…

We are delighted to announce we have secured new offices. Crossfield Mill, Rochdale is close to our existing location and provides us with 20,740 sq ft of space to support our expansion plans.

Renovations are now underway to create a vibrant office environment for the Marsh team and our customers.

Improvements to Payouts Policy!!


With immediate effect Marsh Finance are improving their payouts policy, providing you with quicker and easier payouts. Below are 6 new ways to make it easier for you to make more deals…

  1. Contacting customers for missing/ incorrect information

Where information is missing or incorrect, with your permission, we will contact the customer directly to obtain the information needed. This may speed up the process and result in faster processing of deals.

  1. New 7 days allowance for weekly payslips

This puts weekly pay slips more in line with monthly, reducing time waiting for the latest payslip.

  1. DVLA checks for expired photo licences

When a photo expires on a licence, we no longer need to wait for a receipt to prove a new licence has been applied for.

  1. DVLA endorsement checks

Using a simple form you can obtain customer permission to check for DVLA endorsements speeding up processing. Contact us for more information.

  1. NEW affordability checking of bank statements using MOGObankconnect

MOGObankconnect provides a uniquely fast, yet secure, and easy way to review bank statements. Temporary access to bank statements makes affordability checks easy and quick

  1. Talk directly to a Manager or Supervisor for any issues relating to payout queries.


MOGObankconnect for quicker bank statements….

To help make the payout process quicker and easier Marsh Finance have introduced MOGObankconnect which automatically & securely sends customer bank statements to Marsh Finance. mogobankconnect-logo-sq-web

What is MOGObankconnect?

MOGObankconnect is an online app which provides a quick and easy way to share online banking transactional data. Once the customer has given permission we can quickly and securely get a copy of their last 3 months bank statements.

How does MOGObankconnect work?

We simply send the customer an email link to download the MOGObankconnect app. Once downloaded, they follow the instructions on the app and logon to their internet banking. MOGO will then securely take a copy of the last 3 months bank statements and send them to Marsh Finance as a pdf.  The whole process takes the customer 2 minutes.

Is MOGObankconnect secure?

  • Information can only be accessed with the customer’s permission.
  • MOGObankconnect only gives access to bank statement information.
  • Marsh Finance only see a pdf copy of the bank statements, no other banking details are provided.
  • The app can be deleted after access has been granted.
  • Access automatically expires after 5 working days.
  • Once expired the process needs to be repeated in order for MOGO to reconnect to your bank statement information.
  • Marsh Finance only see a pdf copy of the bank statements, no other banking details are provided.
  • MOGObankconnect uses a sealed smart browser that automatically navigates to your online banking site and streams the data into a secure encrypted file and then transmits it back to Marsh Finance.
  • Your online banking login credentials are not seen by anyone other than you and your online banking provider because the connection happens between your device and your bank. Just like a normal log on.

What customer information is required for  MOGObankconnect?

We need to know:

  • If the customer is registered with internet banking
  • name of bank
  • customer personal bank account number
  • customer email address

MOGObankconnect is approved by…Symantec_1 Is-Google-Searching-for-the-Next-Big-Thing1 official-apple-logo-2014-widescreen-2



For more information on MOGObankconnect or other areas of our proofs process please contact or call 01706 648 882

Great News!! Marsh Finance have made significant changes to their proofs requirement!!

1. New style UK Driving Licence (both parts) at current address (this is applicable until 8th of June 2015)

After the 8th of June we will only require the card part of the licence at current address.

Old style Driving Licence will need to be accompanied with a valid photo ID (i.e. passport)

2. Proof of affordability – latest computerised payslip or latest set of accounts (for self-employed applicants)

Proof of address will only be requested if applicant’s licence is held at another address or applicant holds a non EU licence.

For more information or any queries relating to these changes please contact us on 08448 460 391

Stoneacre Motor Group reveal £1.6 million success from providing their own finance solution.

Marsh Finance have been working with Stoneacre Motor Group for over 10 years and in 2013 they approached us about setting up the facility to provide finance through using their own funds.

We were able to facilitate this for them through ‘Marsh Custom’, our managed finance solution. Marsh Custom provides complete white-label solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

Stoneacre had been providing rate-for-risk finance for used cars since 2007 and were one of the first motor groups to do so. This meant that it made sense for them to specialise in this area for their own finance arm, Stoneacre Financial Services (SFS).

Working from a specially developed score card provided by Marsh Finance they have seen a great success over the first 12 months of lending.

Data released by the Stoneacre Group shows that the £1.6m of finance written to date is split across 271 rate-for-risk finance agreements with a maximum vehicle age of 12 years at the end of the agreement and a mileage of no greater than 95,000 at inception. The average advance falls just short of £6,000.

In a recent interview with Automotive Management Magazine, Head of Digital Sales and Finance, Mark Zavagno, said “£1.6m may seem small in relation to the amount put up for lending by specialist lenders and high street banks, but it is only the beginning and nonetheless a significant landmark for SFS. We believe it to be the first example of a motor group successfully launching and operating its own lending arm in what has become a highly competitive segment of the market, an achievement that we’re all incredibly proud of. Having access to our own funding line allows us to determine our own underwriting criteria. This enables us to help customers who have been unable to obtain finance elsewhere, but can clearly demonstrate their commitment and ability to make monthly repayments.”

Marsh Finance look forward to working with Stoneacre on their journey for lending another £1.6m over the next 12 months.

For more information on Marsh Custom and how we might be able to help you write your own finance agreements contact us today….

Record Month for Marsh

Signs of economic recovery? We originated over £17m of new loan agreements in March 2014. Our best month ever!!

Motor finance volumes on a high

Figures released by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) show consumer new car finance and consumer used car finance volumes grew by 20% and 16% respectively in 2013. The number of used cars bought by consumers using dealer finance, at more than 915,000, was the highest since 1999. We think 2014 is going to be a great year for the car market with these numbers increasing over the next 10 month.

Congratulations to our champagne winner!!

We are proud to announce the winner of our champagne draw. Duncan Hurren, General Manager at Just Car Finance correctly identified that we underwrote £989,968,955 worth of business in 2012. Congratulations Duncan!

photo 1

Marsh help top 30 AM100 business launch its own financial services arm

Marsh Finance have partnered up with Stoneacre Motor Group to enable them to set up Stoneacre Financial Services.

The partnership between the two companies means that Stonacre have the flexibility to make their own lending decisions.

Mark Zavagno, Stoneacre head of digital sales, said: “Considerable growth in the UK’s sub-prime sector over the last 18 months has been the main driving force in us making the decision to lend our own money.

“The aim of the partnership is to further increase the company’s market share in the UK’s rapidly growing sub-prime sector.”

Steve Reynolds, Stoneacre group F&I manager, said: “Marsh have helped us develop a scorecard which will enable us to underwrite deeper than ever, it’s fantastic news for customers who’ve previously been unable to obtain car finance from a franchised retailer.”

With immediate effect, Stoneacre Financial Services will begin offering sub-prime car finance solutions to customers who have either applied online or who have been turned down at one of their 29 dealerships in the UK.

The groups partnership with Marsh will also enable them to offer sub-prime van finance. The company will also continue to act as an intermediary for both prime and sub-prime finance through their partnerships with UK lenders.

Andrew Marsh, Managing Director at Marsh Finance said ‘I am delighted to be able to partner with Stoneacre for their white-labelled Financial Services business. Stoneacre have always been innovative in their business approach and were quick to recognise the opportunities offered by adopting our outsourced, turnkey services solution. Now that Stoneacre has its own finance company, they are able to exploit new niche opportunities for selling more cars with the added bonus of generating an additional income stream. Stoneacre Financial Services has the benefit of Marsh’s skills, knowledge, expertise and risk management with none of the start up cost. It’s an exciting time for them and also for Marsh’

Marsh Finance wins F&I Award

Marsh FM was recently recognised at the Frontline F&I Awards as winners of the Product / Service Provider of the Year. The award reflects growing demand for Marsh’s FM (outsource) service for automotive manufacturers & dealerships.

Launched in 2010 Marsh FM has realised great success. It now manages nearly 5,000 loan agreements, in excess of £150m of receivables, with less than 0.4% of agreements in serious arrears. The result is an outsource solution for dealers and manufacturers that is realising average net returns after commission of 23% APR.

Andrew Marsh, MD of Marsh FM LLP explains “Motor Dealers want to control their sales process so they can sell more cars & finance thus maximising their profitability. Whilst all manufacturers and most dealerships have at least one finance partner they generally have little control, low commission rates and a drawn out process which means they can miss out on both finance and car sales opportunities. An FM solution makes them the finance company so they aren’t seen as creating extra margin and therefore cost for their customers. As a white label service it’s their brand on the finance documents, customers perceive them as a larger organisation because they can offer their own finance which for dealerships also builds credibility. By partnering with Marsh FM customers benefit from Marsh Finance’s 14 years’ experience providing car finance; Marsh systems use extensive data to profile consumers across all markets from sub-prime to high net worth. The result is a turnkey finance solution for Dealers & Manufacturers. Their customers get a better product and dealerships increase sales. Our customers don’t have the costs and risks associated with setting up their own finance company and they can start to receive increased return from their finance sales quickly. The results speak for themselves.”

Marsh’s award winning product is a turnkey finance solution which appeals to dealers and manufacturers that want to offer tailored finance to their customers, increase car sales and maximise profit opportunities.

Marsh FM’s service is tailored to each customer and can include underwriting to an agreed mandate, managing pay-outs to agreed procedures and standards and collecting out the receivables book.

Andrew goes on to explain “Each Marsh FM customer has their own circumstances, so we tailor our service to their needs whether they be a manufacturer a dealership or an investor that simply wants to capitalise on the returns available in the car finance market. This is reflected in our customer base which includes a supercar manufacturer, an offshore bank, regional dealerships and private investors all essentially taking up the same turnkey service tailored to their requirements.”